Monday, January 26, 2015


           This is the blog of the regular thoughts, and stories of a fast food employee.  Some of the posts may be simple such as "Drive through customer: I'll take *orders* to go.    Me and Coworkers: Thank you sir, you made our morning slightly better with that little bit humor."  Others may be slightly more lengthy short stories.
A little about myself and contents of the blog
            I'm currently a Fast Food employee at a chain restaurant. In this blog I will be posting my regular thoughts as a fast food employee dealing usually with customers, or the general public.  I'll use this section to mention a few details.  I will never disclose the name of the place I work at, though at times it will seem pretty obvious, I will never disclose the location of the place I work at.  It is a chain restaurant, so there are many places it could be.  I've been with company for over a year and half, and at the end of the day no matter my complaints, I love the people I work with (and the place in general), managers and coworkers.  Even on the days they annoy me if I didn't like them or the place I work I wouldn't still be working there.  Anything I say is not meant to offend or directly point out any customers, the customers are the sole of our business and each and everyone is important.  I will not post stories or comments on something only one customer or person has done.

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